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Personal business cards 2008/6/5 04:41
I've been told that in personal meetings (not business meetings!) in Japan you are expected to exchange a kind of "business card", but one with just your information on it, not necessarily related to your job. First of all, is this true, and second of all, if it is, what kind of information should I have on it? Is my phone number or address to be expected, or will my name and email suffice? Thanks!
by Laurathx  

no 2008/6/5 12:16
if it is personal meeting it is not important to exchange cards. Although it does make it easier if you want to give that person your information if you want to keep in contact.(e-mail, phone number, address)
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usually no card necessary 2008/6/5 13:33
If it is a situation similar to where in your home country you would want to exchange email addresses etc, then in Japan you would give the person you want to stay in touch with your card, if you have one.

If you are just casually being introduced to people you don't expect to have to contact in the future, then no, it's not at all usual to give the person your card- it would be kind of odd, actually.
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. 2008/6/5 15:38
Non business casual situation, no not really necessary to have one. I don't carry non business cards/name cards for informal casual situations, eg meeting with friends or friends friends, if they want my number or email people just usually hand over their phone and punch it in to the memory.
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i have 2008/6/14 12:34
i have non bussiness cards.
e-mail, phone number, blog url and QR Cord are on it.

almost japanese mobile phone can read QR Cord.
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