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Japanese citezinship? 2008/6/5 05:07
Heyy, Im Andy.
Ive always wanted to move to Japan but oviously there are problems, e.g. visa, citezinship.
I want to move to Japan and do architecture
Could anyone tell me the basics about moving to japan
citezinship and with i would be able to be an architect with a british degree ?
by AndoryuuRave  

first, the visa 2008/6/5 13:25
It is way too early for you to be thinking about citizenship- it usually requires at least 10 years of residence in Japan and relatively few foreigners who weren't born in Japan have actually made the step of applying for citizenship. The vast majority of foreigners living in Japan, myself included, are on working visas, student visas or spouse visas (for those married to Japanese nationals).

Architecture would be a difficult field to get into here- I have seen a few jobs advertised for graphic designers, but most foreigners here work in fields where their knowledge of another language/ culture is of use, e.g. English teaching, proofreading, finance and IT industries at the Japanese office of foreign companies etc.

There are lots of previous posts about finding work in Japan, coming to Japan, Japan visas etc, why not have a look at some of the advice posted there?
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nihongo ga hanese masu ka? 2008/6/5 15:11
Can you speak Japanese?
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