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Japanese all-girl schools 2008/6/5 18:27
Hi! I am a Galizan girl and my parents are moving to Tokio and taking me with them.
They plan to get me into an all-girls school and then in an all-girls college (which seems to exist too) and I am a bit worried about that. I've heard that in that kind of places it's usual that some girls take advantage of the more innocent. I am petite and blonde and I am afraid that my look is like that, so I am a bit worried, for I've heard that is quite usual to even be touched and fondled. Is that true? Any experienced girl? Thanx!
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Talk to your parents 2008/6/6 14:07
Try to convince your parents not to take you to Japan with them,and ask them to put you in a boarding school in wherever you are living now. Your parents might have reason for relocating but no right to take you to place you don't want to be.

Many of Japanese all-girls schools are private school and costs alot to get in. So it'll be better for your parents not having to spend alot of money.

I'm sure that if you really talk to your parents about your issue,they'll understand.
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Or.. 2008/6/6 15:36
Or, if you want to go with them, you can convince them to just go to a regular school (co-ed).
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hidoi 2008/6/6 17:14
I attended a high-end private all-girls school for a few months in the past.

Your fears are very logical.

During my stay I was poked, prodded, and worst of all, girls would touch my chest on a daily basis. At first it was funny, but then I told them to stop and they wouldn't. It was always the same two girls, not really something everyone does.

Besides that, the other girls could be very kind at times; but personally I hated it, hence I returned to America.
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I wouldn't worry, but it's up to you 2008/6/6 17:44
I attended all-girls schools in Japan for 6 years. I still know lots of students who do. All-girls/all-boys schools aren't that rare in Japan.

And let me tell you, the things you say aren't the norm. I'd even go ahead and tell you that they can often be more interested and associated with boys then co-ed schools, while others are plainly shy. You can stay in school and hardly be touched til graduation. It depends on the person, not the environment.

I myself have been forced to live in different cities or countries, attending different schools against my will due to parent's relocations. It has its good parts and bad parts, and especially in your teens you only tend to see the bad parts.

But when you look back at it, having experienced something in your teens that others usually don't can be a great treasure, and the friends you make will be your fortune.

However, I don't think parents are supposed to decide which college the child goes to. They can "suggest" some, but by the time you're 18, you will be able to research and decide for yourself.
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Hey, Niko-chan! 2008/6/6 21:22
Hi, this is the Galizan girl (i don't know why my sign didn't appear in the first post)
I want to thank you all for your help. It's true that my parents cannot force me to go to a school, but they pay for my education, so they have a say...
Anyway, I will thank any further experiences or advices. Besides, if someone want to contact me, my mail and msn is: catuxanena@hotmail.com.
I would be specially interested in Niko-chan contacting me in order to tell be about her experiences.
Lots of thanx and sorry for my English.
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okay 2008/6/7 09:30
Sure, I'll e-mail you now. =)
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What? 2008/6/7 16:01
Would the girls not love her for being a foreigner?
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