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Euro 2008 in Japan? 2008/6/6 08:32
Next saturday (9 days f.n.) i will go to Japan, and stay there for 2 months.

I will be staying in the not-so-very-big-town of Takaoka (Toyama-ken), and i wonder if it's possible to see some of the games? (Dai devo vedere le partite d'Italia!! :) ) Toyama, Takaoka... Or any city close to Takaoka.

Does anyone know some bar or anything where I could see some of the games? The city of Toyama is also fine... Not so far from Takaoka.
by danielupi  

WOW! 2008/6/6 12:18
Wow! What a coincidence, unfortunately I'm not in Takaoka right now but my mom's from there. First time I actually saw that beautiful city mentioned on these boards.

Sorry i can't think of anywhere off the top of my head but I'll be out on the lookout for you.

Where are you staying during this time? If you're somewhere that has cable TV, I'd personally pay the 2500 yen or so and subscribe to WOWOW (official Japanese broadcaster) for a month.

As for me, I'm going to watch on espn360 (not sure if that's an option for you)
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Dan 2008/6/8 07:06
Yeah? Wow everyone says it's so beautiful, got to go there now! :)

I will be living at my GF. Don't know if there is cable or not since she just moved there 3 days ago... But lets hope! :)

But I meant some kind of bar/pub or anything..? Seems easier then paying for a channel for just a month etc :)

But yes I will check it out! Is ESPN included in WOWOW or..?

Thx again!
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