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I'm looking for CD duplication services 2008/6/9 10:47

Does anyone know of a good CD replication/duplication service in Japan? I'm looking forward to release my music but, so far, only services I've found were far from being professional (cheap CD-R replication and home-printed covers...yuk...).

I've asked people at Watanabe music shop and Jasrac here in Kyoto but nobody was able to help me.

So if some of you folk know of a good professional service provider -- I want a nice digipack -- please let me know. Would suck to have my cds made and sent from the US.

by Lawrence Kurten  

. 2008/6/9 17:07
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The Best Known Duplication in Japan 2008/11/12 12:31
Hi Lawrence Kurten,

This is kinda old, but if you haven't found a place in Japan I can tell you that putting in
CD プレス in google it is going to take you to my site Discovery Firm. This is by far the most trusted in Japan. We do duplication, mastering, authoring, for everyone from Indie artists, to well knowns like Def Tech, Crystal Kay, Cheep Hiroishi, Yamazaki Masayoshi, etc... dont know if you can mail me from here, but if you go to the site and cant understand, just call the Sapporo office and I will help you out. Good Luck.
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Almost forgot 2008/11/12 12:33
Hi again Lawrence...forgot to say ask for Stephen. Then again if you are confident in your Japanese you can always talk to the media staff....
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