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Fighting Games Arcade Locations? 2008/6/9 22:16
We have made the pilgrimage to Tokyo, and we have been around a few arcades but we haven't been able to find arcades with Capcom v SNK 2 and Hokuto No Ken. I know they are some hardcore gamers here who can help us out. I'm especially looking for an arcade called TRF which has held a tournament known as the Dream Fighters Festival. Gte back to me as soon as you can, we only have a few days left in Tokyo.
Thank you
by albybustin  

Arcade Games 2008/6/10 21:18
There is only one place in Japan, which is very famous for new high tech gadgets, Mangas, Animes and games of all kinds.

This place is called '' AKIHABARA ''

Probably about 20 min. from Tokyo Train Station with the Yamanote line.
Have fun !!!
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Akiba! 2008/6/11 15:51
Just head to Akihabara. There's plenty there. Stopped at half a dozen in one day last time I was there.
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