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Sending items to the US 2008/6/10 05:16
I will be traveling in Japan in a week. While I'm there, I'll probably end up buying to many items or too heavy of items to just put through checked baggage. I know that the airlines are strict on that kind of thing too.
How can i send my items from Japan to the US? Would it just be possible to send it through the post offices there?
by Monica  

An advice 2008/6/10 14:28
Yes, you can send your parcels to US at a post office by filling the prescribed order form and paying the fee.
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. 2008/6/10 15:04
Yes you can use the post office, just remember, the heavier the item, the more its going to cost to send.
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2 suitcases 2008/6/10 22:28
On most airlines you are allowed 2 suitcases. But check with who ever you are flying with. (as to how many & weight of bags) Noramlly with economy it's 50 lbs. each bag. It gets pretty expensive to mail things to the US if it's heavy.
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... 2008/6/11 04:08
I see. Where can I find out how much would it be to send it from the post office in Japan to the US? Is there somewhere on the internet I can check and see?
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. 2008/6/11 07:39
A simple search of the Japan Post Website:
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Seamail, SAL, or Airmail 2008/6/12 09:24
I'm currently living in Japan and regularly send things back to the U.S. The cheapest way to send things is using the post office and sending packages by "sea mail". It will take 2-3 months for your package to arrive at your destination, but if money is your biggest concern, check out this option.

Another cheapish option is to send your package via "SAL". This method uses spare space in airplanes. It usually takes about 2 weeks for your package to get to the U.S. It's about half the price of shipping via regular airmail, which takes about a week.
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