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scientific projects? 2008/6/11 07:03
I come from Denmark, and I was wondering what my options are concerning biology projects in japan (such as working with a university etc. for a period of time, fx in connection with a phd or something similar)
I don't speak Japanese (yet ;D)

could anyone refer me to pages that could tell me more about this?

thanks in advance
by Maria  

. 2008/6/13 03:03
Maybe you should read some papers in your biological field writen by japanese authors and contact them or their professors (if the author is a student) about the possibility for a colaboration.

You can also apply for scholarships like MOMBUKAGAKUSHO one if you are planning to do a masters and/or PhD here in Japan. If you hold a PhD, you can apply for the JSPS scholarship, but you will need a recomendation from a japanese professor, so anyways, you'd better contact some professors in some japanese universities.

As for the MOMBUKAGAKUSHO scholarship, it also gives you the right to stay as a research student for at the most 2 years, which means you will just be researching in a university lab but won't receive any degree for that. Well, that is the way it used to be, I heard the japanese government is changing the rules recently. Better check it out.

You can check about mombukagakusho scholarship at the japanese consulates or embassy in Denmark. The JSPS, you can make a google search and you will find about it.

Good luck!

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