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Monbukagakusho scholarship 2008/6/11 07:11
can you study music under the Monbukagakusho scholarship?
by Emmanuel43  

. 2008/6/13 02:43
You can probably do, but I never met someone who did.

You can ask that at the japanese embassy or consulate at your country.

Best regards!
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you can 2008/6/16 05:13
you can study anything as long as it's an undergraduate level program. you also have to meet the criteria for the scholarship, there is an age limit of 20 years old if i remember correctly. i am kicking myself these days because i didn't go for it when i was young enough to. now i have no degree.
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re 2008/6/16 06:26
i think you can apply to study music, but in the guide its written:

'social sciences and humanities A: law, history, blahblah, others' and later 'candidate can choose any subject as 'others' but he should take into consideration that he may have diffiulties in finding university that'd accept him' (im writing from my memory, but the meaning is similar).

So basically - you can. But i suggest you to pick up some more popular subjects as second and third choice.

As for the age limit - candidate need to be under 22 years in the day when scholarship starts (1st of april).

So for example for me it sucks. I'm from february and im currently 20yo. So i can apply this year (which i have done:P) - cause im gonna have 21y in april of 2009. But i wont be able to apply next year cause in april of 2010 i'll have already 22y. That sucks really (well im not sure if and how felxible that rule is. For me its stupid that i cant be granted with scholarship cause im two months too old). Well i hope to pass this year so i won't have to think about it:)
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