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Where to buy phones in the internet? 2008/6/11 09:16
I live in Brazil, and I know some methods of unlocking phones, like Hypersim and etc. Does anybody know any internet site that sells japanese phones and ships internationally ? Cause if anybody knows any site, I would look fot the phones I know how to unlock. Thanks
by Nrt.Bsb  

cellphones 2008/6/13 20:52
ebay manybe?
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re 2008/6/17 07:56
But I prefer a web site that directly sells, like from a store
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. 2008/6/17 18:26
Google "白ロム 海外発送" (used phone, ship internationally) if you can read Japanese.

BTW, there are some reports that hypersim broke easily, did not work at all, or even broke the SIM card. Don't be overconfident.
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