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Medicine through Customs at Narita 2008/6/11 17:34
Are you able to take Motrin through customs without any hassle? Are ibuprofen and aspirins prohibited? I know Tylenol probably wont go through...
by Monica  

. 2008/6/11 18:35
Why not, tylenol is sold in Japan too (though its more expensive, so its better to get a generic japanese brand) but its not prohibited, I've taken tylenol through without problems before, I have a bottle in my closet right now.
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plain Tylenol= no problem 2008/6/11 19:09
Tylenol is fine. Tylenol with codeine isn't, but it's the codeine that is prohibited. Pseudoephedrine (often found in cold and allergy medications) is also banned, so if your medications contain either of those items, don't bring them. Anything else is fine.
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edit 2008/6/12 08:22
I just realised I shouldn't have said "anything else is fine" as of course there are other restricted medicines. I meant to say that most other non-prescription medicines should be okay.
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will it be ok? 2008/9/27 07:26
I'm going to Japan for 7 months, possibly longer, and I plan to take a few packets of Nurofen as this is the only painkiller which works for me. I also plan on taking Imodium as I have IBS. I'm quite concerned after reading about all the random drug prohibitions that I'll get it confiscated or worse, be refused entry. I thought if I just put it in my suitcase (not hand luggage) that I could just take it through, they're not likely to check suitcases are they?
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Customs inspectors 2008/9/27 08:48
Actually, they quite often do check suitcases, but the medications you want to bring in aren't banned- why would they ban Imodium? Japanese people also suffer from diarrhea and need something to stop it ;-)

The banned drugs are usually those which can be broken down to make illegal drugs- codeine is a component of speed, for example.

As I said above, Sudafed and codeine. Most other things will be fine, including Nurofen and Imodium, versions of which are also available in Japan.

Bring them with you in whichever part of your luggage you like, you won't be doing anything illegal.
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thanks for the reply 2008/9/27 08:58
I read somewhere else on this forum that they are suspicious of people carrying medicine such as imodium, as they think you may be trying to smuggle illegal drugs in your stomach. I think the problem is not really what I'm taking, but how much I'm taking. I plan on bringing a good supply! Should I declare my drugs and risk them being taken, or just keep them in my suitcase and hope they don't check it?
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Imodium 2008/9/27 09:27
I haven't heard that before, and as I travel to India and South-East Asia a lot, am always carrying something like Imodium. I occasionally have my bag opened at the customs check, but no-one has ever said anything.

How long are you travelling for? I would avoid bringing in excessive amounts of any over-the-counter drug, really, that goes for travelling anywhere.

Imodium isn't meant to be taken a lot anyway, as it paralyses your gut and so is not something you want to be taking every day. If you had diarrhea that badly that you would be wanting to take it over several days, you should be seeing a doctor anyway.

Japan is not really a country that is known for causing traveller's diarrhea in any case, unlike India for example, you can drink the tap water and the food isn't likely to upset your stomach, so you shouldn't have that much trouble anyway- unless you are continuing on to India or South-East-Asia from Japan?

Bring a moderate amount, i.e. no more than a couple of packs. If you are staying in Japan long-term, have some more sent over to you if you need it.

There is no need to declare it, as it isn't restricted, and there is no need to draw attention to yourself unnecessarily.
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Imodium 2008/9/28 02:30
I'm going to be over there for 7 months at least and possibly longer. I need Imodium because I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)it's not serious and I don't have regular attacks, so it's not something I take every day, or even every week as I'm fully aware of what it does, it's just that I have to carry some with me incase I have an attack especially if I'm working (I'm going to be teaching English). I just need to be able to take a couple of packs, I'm planning on getting people to send me more should I need them. Was just worried I might get arrested or something after hearing about all the drug prohibitions. Thanks for all your advice.
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Related question 2008/9/28 23:42
I plan to bring with me on my upcoming trip to Japan about 20-day's worth of generic Claritin and Zyrtec for my seasonal allergies. Should I be bringing them in their original bottles since the pills are so small that there are no "stamp" that IDs them? Or can I put them in a small plastic bag, along with some supply of Excedrin for Migraine which I plan to take? Thanks.
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in the bottle 2008/9/29 08:19
Never take any kind of pills out of their original packaging and put them all together in a plastic bag when travelling- it looks a lot more suspicious and that is just asking to have them confiscated. I know it takes up space in your luggage, but always carry medications in their original packaging and bring any prescriptions if you have them.
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... 2008/9/29 16:00
As far as I know, Claritin is often imported by individuals or by agencies who purchase on behalf of individuals into Japan (yes, there are people with hayfever and other allergies here too!), so the substance is not banned. I think it is better if you bring them in in the original bottle with labels, so that in case customs check your bag and find them, they can easily tell what it is. Up to one month's worth of medicine for personal use (even prescriptio medication) can be brought in no problem at all, just keep the label/description with it.
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