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Need help with wearing kanzashi 2008/6/13 03:18
I bought a pair of hana kanzashi from Japan and I'm not sure the proper way to wear them. I want to wear them in an American-style updo, but I'm not sure how to insert the long, two pronged pin to make it stay in my hair.

My hair is kind of fine, so it doesn't really hold itself in. I found that I had to bend the prongs a little to fit the shape of my head and hold the prongs down with bobby pins, so they didn't fall out.

I was wondering if it was bad to bend the pins. How are you supposed to wear them?
by Mikazuki81  

How to 2008/6/13 19:35
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Thanks 2008/6/13 20:53
Thanks, but I wanted to know how to wear the kanzashi you wear in the front of your hair. The one with the dangling petals and bira-bira.

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OH! 2008/6/14 11:41
I'm sorry for my miss undarstanding and it may be a little difficult for me to solve it your question.
But what a beautiful and elaborate HANAkanzashi this is!
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:) 2008/6/14 12:00
Thanks! I really like it. I'm so impressed with the skill of people who make them.
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professional use 2008/6/14 17:15
Hi Mikazuki81,

The problem is probably that the hana-kanzashi is too heavy for your hair-do.

These type of kanzashi is designed for genuine "nihongami" hair style. These type of hair styles take hours to be done, are styled extremely stiff and will actually give you a headache, which is the reason that almost everybody who wears them today wear wigs instead. And the wigs still give you headaches btw.

In other words, nihongami is so stiffly done that sticking something into it is pratically like sticking something into a wall. Therefore it won't move.

I recall that you're getting married semi-Japanese style. If you wish to use the kanzashi, you may want to consider getting a nihongami wig (and therefore a heavy costume to suit it, as well as a professional to put the wig and costume on you). Otherwise, why not consult to a hairstylist, since it won't be easy to use the kanzashi by yourself anyway.
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