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Buying Tigers tickets when sold out 2008/6/13 08:53
Coming to Osaka in late June and want to go to a Tiger's game but they're sold out. Is there a way to find tickets from re-sellers?

Thank you.
by Paolo Heisen  

What game? 2008/6/13 11:45
I suppose it depends on what game you're trying to go to. I'm in Osaka and simply went to a Lawsons and used the computer display there to buy some tickets to a Dragons/Tigers game in early July. I was surpised it was that easy, so are you sure they're sold out?
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Tigers 2008/6/13 19:17
I was told by a friend living in Osaka that the Koshien games in late June are sold out.
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not many games in late June 2008/6/15 13:53
According to this: http://hanshintigers.jp/ticket/koshien/vacantseat06.html

there are tickets still available for the 17th and 18th. The 21st and 22nd are sold out.

They don't have any other home games after the 22nd in June.
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. 2008/6/16 02:45
Is there a way to find tickets from re-sellers?

I have no idea whether or not these will be applicable for your case, but generally speaking:
- buy at a local ticket reseller ("kinken shop")
- buy in the Internet auction
- buy from dafu-ya (illegal reseller who is wandering around the stadium)
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