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Rooftop soccer 2008/6/13 10:24
hey.heres an intresting question for you guys lol.I have noticed in loads of videos and photos of Tokyo..lots of rooftop soccer pitches.particular an adidas one in shibuya which is feauted in the fast and furious tokyo drift.Im traveling with a few friends and we are avid soccer players.I was hoping that someone will help us find out how to play on these pitches.we dont have them in ireland and it would be beautiful to play the beautiful game overlooking the beautiful cTokyo skyline.thank you
by Dee  

futsal 2008/6/13 20:27
Adidas Futsalpark Shibuya on top of Tokydepatmen store. They'd take a reservation on internet. It's futsal not soccer.
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The link? 2008/7/29 15:11
Hi all,
Do you knows any international/japenese futsal team in Tokyo who accept public to join?
Interested to join/ About the rooftoppitches in Shibuya any link to surf?
How about we form 1 futsal team under JapanGuide Team hahaha!
cheers all!
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