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Kiddies with public ink 2008/6/14 02:05
I've often heard tattoo artists rant about people getting visible tattoos (hands, neck) the moment they hit 18 before they have other work.
Recently I discovered a rant on quite a respected figure in the tattoo community's Myspace. I say rant, it was more like pure venomous hatred.
It would seem that some find young people with visible ink, impatient and disrespectful, and they must all just think it's cool to have visible work.
I'm 23, My first tattoo was on my shoulder, then my wrists, then I got a full sleeve. Then I moved to my hands, then neck and I also have a large part of my leg tattooed.
It took me about two years to get the opportunity to get my hand tattooed by my idol, and then my neck by an artist I greatly admire, a lot of time, effort and thought was put into both of these.
Even though I'm somewhat older and do have a fair bit of coverage, I might still be classed as young and "under-tattooed" to have such visible work, and I can't help but think that's kinda crazy!
Sure I've seen some 18 year olds with kanji on their necks or poorly executed skulls on their hands, and you can almost tell they rushed into it, wanting everyone to see their new work as clearly as possible, and fine that to me is impatient and maybe even attention seeking.
Basically what I'm trying to say is that not everyone who has visible work is disrespectful to the art, some people invest a great deal of time, money and effort into getting that particular location inked with the highest standard work possible.
It's kinda funny to find prejudice within a community that tries so hard to divert it away from itself.

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agreed 2008/6/14 17:04

I fully agree, and I can't recall seeing any posts on this Forum that may not.
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inked all over 2008/6/15 05:39
The major problem about visible tattoos, especially on the neck or face, is that 10 years later the person will look for a job, a mortgage, or want to be elected to the local town council, etc. and will not be able to do so. I personally -and I am over 30-- wouldn't care if my bank teller had a tribal tattoo all over his/her face but many people would. Especially if he/she didn't belong to a culture where facial tattoos are a source of pride.
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Tats 2008/6/15 06:29
I've been following most of the tattoo related threads in this forum for years now and the objections that in general are made here are related to poor kanji tattoos, all other tattoo related discussions have been around possible problems getting into onsen whilst having a tattoo.

The subject you bring up falls a little bit flat in this forum, if you were to ask me...
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tattoos 2008/6/15 07:53
I agree with Kappa, this is more a topic for a tattoo forum, although I imagine this kind of thing gets done to death on those forums.

I have a small tattoo but am not passionate about the art so I don't really have an opinion on the topic. Yes, obviously some young people who have visible tattoos have thought it through carefully, and others haven't.
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