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Rinku Outlet Mall 2008/6/14 03:28

Can I know if the things selling in this outlet malls are inexpensive as compared to normal retail outlets. I don't mind off season products but if it's still the same price, then I will not waste my trip there.

I will be staying at Ramada Kansai Airport Hotel, anyone know how to go from this hotel to Rinku?
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website 2008/6/14 09:37

I have never been to that mall, but I do have some friends who go whenever they are in Osaka. Sorry, I do not have information on what they sell, as in price/selection, but I did find out what brands are sold there.

here is their English language site: http://www.premiumoutlets.co.jp/en/rinku/index.php

You can click on 'access' for information how to get there, and 'brands' for store/label information

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thank you 2008/6/15 12:33
Thank you Kris and Kazuyuki

I guess I will go and take a look since it seems near to the hotel. :)
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Worth Going? 2008/8/26 01:21
Anyone can comment if the stuff there is much cheaper than retail?
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... 2008/8/26 02:27
I went there not too long ago. The prices are the same prices as the outlets in the US. The only difference was that they have designs that aren't found in the US. I was able to find some good deals for handbags and clothing.
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