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Gift wrapping service in Tokyo 2008/6/16 02:11
Tokyo 23-ku

Does anyone know of a store where I could get a gift wrapped? Nothing big. Perhaps some paper craft store? Hints, clues welcome.

I guess I can always go to Tokyu hands to buy a box, paper, tape and some ribbon, but it's not convenient!... :-)
by Odin  

gift wrapping service 2008/6/18 00:57
In Japan, you can get a gift wrapped for free at almost every shop except supermarkets, convenience stores, 100 yen shops and other stores selling groceries and daily commodities. Even most liquor shops offer gift wrapping service.

Just saying "rappingu onegai shimasu" or "purezento / gifuto yo desu" at the counter will work.
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. 2008/6/18 10:50
I think Odin is looking for a place that can wrap an item that was bought/prepared elsewhere. I do recall that there is such a service but I can't find one at the moment. I don't think supermarkets will do that for you, and even if they do, they won't do much of a fancy job, but I guess it won't hurt to ask.
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