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Japanese supermarkets 2008/6/16 05:44
I would like to visit the japanese equivalent to K-mart or Wallmart? A really big supermarket. Is there such a thing i Japan?
by Paul  

yes 2008/6/16 09:03

Yes, there are large supermarkets in Japan. Mostly, these stores will be outside major cities in suburban areas, leaving smaller grocery stores in the cities themselves.

There are different chains throughout Japan, but three large ones are:

1) Daiei
2) Ito Yokado
3) Jusco
4) Saty

Aside from food, these larger suburban supermarkets also sell washing machines, clothing, accessories, household goods, maybe even furniture

a search engine will provide you with more information, now that you know the names of some of these chains

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! 2008/6/16 09:05
I mean, 4 ones. Originally I wasn't going to mention Saty, but I changed my mind :-0
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