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Downloading J-pop overseas 2008/6/17 01:12
Does anyone know a website I could use to legally buy mp3s of J-pop music?

I really want to get hold of the new album by Japanese pop group Superfly. But I don't have access to iTunes JP, iTunes UK do not have it, and it's expensive to buy on Amazon JP (what with extra P&P to pay)

I found plenty of Japanese download sites but none of them seem to allow customers not living in Japan.

And yes, I'm sure there are illegal sites with mp3s I want, but I don't want to go down that route - rather pay for music properly.
by Nero  

It may sound obvious, but... 2008/6/17 11:27
Have you tried looking for purchase/download links directly on the artists' website? Or their label's? Amazon downloads tend to be pretty in-line with costs for other sites in my experience, you may just have to bite the bullet.
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I'd 2008/6/17 13:37
I'd try to find a friend going to Japan and just have them purchase a Japanese iTunes gift card. Either that or you can go to a Japanese bookstore that carries Japanese CDs and purchase from them.
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... 2008/6/18 16:58
Thanks guys for your advise. Looks like I have no choice but to try and source CD rather than find download. Guess I'll be asking one of my friends to send it to me.
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itunes 2008/6/19 05:36
i've used jpopmp3s.com to buy a 2000yen card. They sell them at a bit higher price but they email you the code instead of posting you the card so it may end up cheaper than amazon.
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iTunes Japan 2008/6/23 19:27
You can buy iTunes Japan cards from jlist.


They also give instructions on how to use it.
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