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where can i buy Kat-tun Tour 08 tickets? 2008/6/17 12:09

i'm thai fan of KAT-TUN.
i and my friend 'll go to japan end of july 08 and lived in Japan until beginning of august 08.( this is first time to JAPAN)

we plan to see KAT-TUN concert tour 2008.

But I don't know how to get this ticket , because I'm not japanese and don't have a japanese friend .

I hope someone tell me about where to get KAT-TUN TICKET ?
Especially, we'll go to FUKUOKA on 29 july. we wish to see this concert in here.

Please! help me where can i find KAT-TUN TICKET?

thank u very much


Thai FAN.

by charmie  

hello 2008/6/24 15:29
I think KAT-TUN is very popular, so the ticket sold out already.

When I went to KAT-TUN's concert which was held in July, I applied for ticket center in April.

After appling, the concert center did drawing.

And if you come up, you can go to concert.
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JE Office 2008/6/27 16:56
Hello Charmie,

The tickect has been sold out very quickly.

You could only obtain the ticket from JE Office.

I have tried to get the ticket 2/3 weeks after the announcement ,but yup, no luck. :)

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via proxy :) 2008/6/28 18:34
Yahoo! auctions Japan. As a foreigner, you'll need a go-between, and it'll be pricey, I was told. (I never tried it myself, but I know people who regularly do that)
Googe for Yahoo auctions order overseas or similar keywords, and try to find a trustable agency. I wish you good luck. :)
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livejournal 2008/6/28 21:02

I'm from Singapore and already secured 3 tix for the event on the 3rd july from a Japan friend.

I remembered reading a link i got from some kat-tun livejournal sometime back,
and there was this person who gave direct link to this page to get JE concert tix. i can't seem to find it now though. you might want to ask around in the community for luck. can't remember which ones, but i frequent the 2 links below and i'm sure i saw it in either one of them.


Good luck.
P/s: i still think they should have fanclub worldwide.
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.... 2008/6/28 21:07
I forgot to add this, you might want to consider going to the concert venue on the concert dates itself. I'm SURE there will be people selling them. But be prepared to get 30,000 yen ready, i wish i was exagerating but i'm not. If you're lucky enough you could get it for 21,000 yen?? (or so i was told).

Since you're already in Japan, why not just try.
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ticket seller 2008/7/3 17:21
I got my ticket from this link:


they are very nice, and help me a lot to get me the ticket. Easy to talk to, and it was very helpful that they call me after made my payment. I think you should try. And plus, the prices arent as high as others (if you want to pay someone to help you to get the ticket)
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