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Quick Name Translation 2008/6/18 10:23
My Name Is Carolina. NOT Pronounced Like 'North Carolina' Its Caroleena.
Ive Seen キャロライナ、ケロライナ、and others on name translation sites.Could you tell me what the correct way is or could I just pick either one?
by DarkPrincess666  

Name in Japanese 2008/6/18 11:26

Those suggestions are for the standard pronunciation of Carolina.
If you pronounce your name as you say, it would be "キャロリーナ".
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... 2008/6/19 07:14

Just in case your computer doesn't show japanese characters like mine :)

btw, can anyone explain what I should do to see the japanese characters? Sorry to intrude on the post.
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Seeing Japanese characters 2008/6/20 05:42
Get a new computer. I'm joking, but only a bit - Japanese language capability comes activated with all the newer operating systems. Assuming you use Windows, and don't want to get a new computer, if memory serves you first locate your operating system disk. Then, go into your control panel, find "Regional settings and languages" - it may be called some slightly different depending on the version of Windows that you have - click on it. Find the language tab (it may be under "advanced", I can't remember) and click on "Enable East Asian languages". You will then supply your operating system disk, and it will load the needed japanese fonts. If you no longer have your disk, you can obtain Japanese fonts on the internet and load them. Just search for free Japanese fonts. Hope this helps.
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