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A Question About Movies in Japan 2008/6/20 06:31
Hello, everyone. I hope this isn't too silly a question... as any fan of Studio Ghibli's works knows, Miyazaki Hayao's new picture Gake no Ue no Ponyo is set to be released this summer in Japan, on July 19th to be specific. I'm going to Japan this summer and would really like to see it; however I'm getting there in late August/early September. How long do movies generally stay in theatres in Japan? I've heard it's for a much shorter period than in Western countries; but then I thought, since Studio Ghibli is so popular, it might be a different case for them... do you think there is any chance I'll still be able to see it by the time I arrive?
by khoda  

. 2008/6/20 15:48
Movies are usually run for a month in Japan, but it depends on movies and theaters.

As Japanese schools typically have summer vacation from July 20 to August 31, anime movies in summer are likely to be run during this period.
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