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Geishas in Kyoto 2008/6/22 14:50
I'm going to Kyoto for two days and my hotel is near the "Geisha District".

I was wondering if you can rent a geisha? If so, then how much does it cost?

And what do they do? I'm curious to know what I get if I rent one.
(FYI: I'm NOT interested in sex.)
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In short, no 2008/6/23 11:33
To rent a true geisha, highly unlikely. You have to be introduced and have connections, the right bar proprietor, the right tea house manager, for example. Also, geisha don't come cheap- maybe 10K US dollars for an evening. Few Japanese can afford this, btw

In the not so distant past, some large companies would use them to entertain clients. Geisha are 'artists', would sing, dance, laugh at your jokes, drink with you, always keep your cup full, etc. While they still exist, they are becoming more mysterious since there is less of a demand for them. The vast majority of modern Japanese have no interest in them, other than seeing famous geisha in an advertisement, or on the street.

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also 2008/6/23 11:37
Keep in mind that many of the 'geisha' you think you may see in Kyoto or actually tourists who pay to dress up, have their hair done and make up done in the style of geisha.

This just occurred to me: you may be able to ask at your hotel if you could go to a certain restaurant or ryokan that would have a geisha coming to entertain with song and dance..... however, while this won't be 10K dollars, it won't be cheap either. These days, geisha are usually hired to do things like this at classy traditional restaurants and inns
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Geikos in Kyoto 2008/6/23 14:49
Peter McIntosh gives tours of the Gion area followed by a meal with a show by a geiko(name given to a geisha in Kyoto). the whole evening cost US $ 1200..for 1 person, cheaper for a small group.Check http://www.kyotosightsandnights.
There shows in theatres that are way much cheaper but only takes place a few weeks a year. You can also go to a place called Gion corner where they give a short show about the tea ceremony, ikebana, danses etc. www.kyoto-gion-corner.info/
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