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Chu hi's sold online or in America? 2008/6/25 13:07
Hi all! I went to Japan last year and since Iv been home Iv been on the hunt for any type of canned chu hi. I livein New York but can even travel to Nj for the stuff! Me and my friends want to have it for a get together so im in need of help. Is there anywhere online or in nNew York/NJ that sells it? Thanks so much!
by Nicole  

Sunrise Mart 2008/6/26 03:47

I have seen canned chu hai at Sunrise Mart (http://www.yelp.com/biz/sunrise-mart-new-york)

JAS Mart may have them as well, and certainly Mitsuwa in NJ.

Kazuyuki (Japanese ex pat in NY)
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I need help too 2008/7/6 03:37
I love Chu-hi's as well. I lived in Japan and now I am in Atlanta. Does anyone know where I could get it here in Georgia? Please, please help me.
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Chuhai elusive 2008/11/16 15:06
I just visited Mitsuwa in Nj today and was told by a gentleman doing inventory that they don't have Chu hai anymore and haven't had them for a couple of years. On top of that he doesn't think they're in the states right now :-(. I've never seen them at Sunrise mart or JAS either. It can't hurt to check on it again though.
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make your own 2008/11/16 22:41
I'm he same way, I LOVE Chu -hi. But I've never seen them for sell in the US. I usually bring a few home with me. But you can buy a bottle of Sho-Chu pretty much and any large liquor store. And mix your own. mix with any & all kinds of juices. (or whatever you like) find the one you like best.....and enjoy. :)
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