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How do I say English in Japanese? 2008/6/26 03:06
Hi All.

I'm from the UK and currently trying to learn Japanese from some language CD's but as with most available, they are from the USA and seem to focus on telling you how to say your an american but not much help when your from the UK.

I have a feeling that I know the answer to this but I don't want to seem foolish by saying it in Japan without checking.

What I want to know is how to say, I am English in Japanese.

Is it ago-jin?

Thanks in advance
by Jae29UK  

ago? 2008/6/26 09:47
"ago" means chin or jaw, so that's not it.

"Iigirisu" is England, so you say "Iigirisu jin desu".

There are lots of romaji Japanese dictionaries online where you can look up any word you want.
by Sira rate this post as useful

Igiirsu 2008/6/26 12:53
Actually it's Igirisu-jin. The "i" is pronounced shorter. It was originally a phonetic transformation of the English word "E(n)glis(h)".

Btw, I suppose the OP was trying to say "eigo" (which means 'English language') instead of "ago". "Ago" does sound like "eigo" depending on how you pronounce the "a".
by Uco rate this post as useful

my bad 2008/6/26 14:24
Whoops, of course it's Igirisu- sorry!

Ah, no doubt "ago" was meant to be "eigo"- I am so used to seeing the usual romaji transliterations that I have trouble imagining any other pronunciations for letters sometimes!
by Sira rate this post as useful

Japanese girl 2008/6/26 21:49
Watashi ha Nihon ni sumu igirisuzin desu .
by 1990yuka rate this post as useful

Japanese vs English phonetics 2008/6/26 22:23
The only problem with your sentence Yuka, is that although to input は on the computer we type "ha", the pronunciation for an English speaker is actually "wa" rather than "ha". Same with "Igirisuzin"- if we see "zin" we would pronounce the word more like "ズィン" instead of "じん"- writing it with a "z" in romaji is confusing for English speakers.
by Jane rate this post as useful

. 2008/6/27 00:54

As you may already know, you have to choose an appropriate word for "English" depending on its meaning.

Englishman: Igirisu jin
English language: eigo (ei means England/UK and go means language)
of England/UK: Igirisu no
by meringue4 rate this post as useful

Thanks all!! 2008/6/27 02:33
Thanks to everyone for their responses and apologies for my terrible spelling (I did mean eigo ;) )
by Jae29UK rate this post as useful

in response to jane 2008/6/27 07:20
spelling it "ha" is actually the proper way to do it.

it's counterproductive to convert every "ha" particle into "wa" because it reinforces bad habits when a student begins to write in japanese. it's easier just to teach that when used as a particle, ha is pronounced wa.

additionally many japanese use zi instead of ji, for some reason or another. it's a throwback to a particular system of romanization that is only really standardized in japan and not used elsewhere.

also when speaking in japanese, students should always remember the vowels ALWAYS sound the same even when combined with other syllables, and generally the consonants do as well.

a = ah
i = ee
u = oo
e = ay
o = oh

the pronunciation of those vowel sounds does not change. if you write "aigo" in japanese it sounds like "eye go". hope this helps.
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

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