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Japanese Weight? 2008/6/27 16:09
I'm gonna visit japan for a couple weeks this summer.
I heard japanese woman/girls have a wayyy diferent standard of what's skinny and fat.
So what are they going to consider me as?
I'm female. 100 pounds.5'5
( always wear heels so I look a bit taller but jst ignore that ) mixed korean/japanese.

What's my height of 5'5 considered as for a girl over there?
by Jenny  

... 2008/6/27 17:47
The average height for Japanese women is around 5'3. Don't think you'll stick out much unless you wear really high heels. Plus, most Japanese teens nowadays are growing past average. I think 100lbs is pretty typical. Most weigh around 94lbs, but those are girls who are around 5'.
by Holly rate this post as useful

Most? 2008/6/27 19:25
I really disagree that most Japanese girls weigh around 94 lb.

As you mention the 5 foot tall ones might do, but most teenage Japanese girls are taller than that, and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

At 5'4" and 100 lb, you will not be considered fat, here or anywhere in the world, don't worry.
by Sira rate this post as useful

average 2008/6/28 00:49
jenny i think you'll look pretty average here including if you wear heels. i doubt anyone will notice you're not a native japanese actually.

by winterwolf rate this post as useful

your height 2008/6/30 08:43
At 5'5" you are still pretty much average. In Tokyo area I am in average range and even short in some crowds. I am 5'3". I think 5'4" or 5'5" is average. Many girls wear heels so it is no problem. You seem to be thin even by japanese standards.
You will find clothes will easily fit you and you will really blend in!
by Umi rate this post as useful

Japanese weight? 2008/8/15 12:38
At 5'5 . 165 cm height.
What weight would be considered skinny in japan for a 17 years old teenage girl?

by Jenny rate this post as useful

weight 2008/8/15 15:38
Why do you want to know? Weight depends on so many factors- body type, amount of muscle etc. that this can't really be answered accurately.

Are you asking because you want to set yourself a goal for weight loss, or compare yourself to Japanese girls? If so, that's not really a good idea, as it can lead to issues with body image and eating disorders.
by SHU rate this post as useful

uh oh 2008/8/16 02:58
just realized you cross posted this again. it sounds like you may already be on your way to an eating disorder.

look, as long as you are a healthy weight, leave it that way. don't mess around with weight changes if you're not overweight already. if you want to lose weight wait until you at least get to japan before you decide to go binge dieting or other crazy stuff.
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

Hey 2008/12/1 08:04
I'm very thin for my body type (thats what the doctor says..) I'm 5'5,and weigh 120...but whenever i stand next to an asian girl,I NEVER look fat at all!!
So don't worry,americans are built bigger,we have larger bone structure,i highly doubt you will be considered fat.
The average waistline in Japan is 28 inches,my waistline is 26 inches.
See? It all depends on bone,muscle,e.t.c. Bone size and muscle can make you weigh more too
by Alexandra rate this post as useful

You're too thin 2008/12/1 08:31

As for weight, am I calculating correctly that you are 45.36 kilograms at 167.6 centimeters? If so, you are extremely thin compared to the average Japanese teenager. At that height, 48 kilograms still looks quite slender. Fashion models and actresses here are about 48 to 49 kilos at that height, and their breats aren't even as big as say the average American.

Just to add, 17 year old girls in stylish cities don't really wear heals, moreover thin heals. It's okay, but they're not "in" at the moment.

This winter, the trend is totally flat snow boots. Take a look at some examples.

Have fun in Japan and eat well. The food is yummy!
by Uco rate this post as useful

Jenny's post 2008/12/1 08:36
Jenny posted her question a while ago, but that kind of topic is a typical preoccupation with people with eating disorders. She may not have one, but her weight at the time was already low and asking what would be considered "skinny for a Japanese girl" suggests that she could be setting herself that kind of weight as a goal, as people with ED's often do.

I notice this kind of question here every so often.
by Sira rate this post as useful

I hope you're eating properly 2008/12/1 08:37
I did a quick search on the Japanese internet on people who are 45kg at 167cm. Only female marathon runners seem to weigh as little as that.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Thanks, Sira 2008/12/1 08:39
Sira, your newest post came in as I was posting mine. So I've realized now. I must confess I haven't had my morning coffee yet :)
by Uco rate this post as useful

HAHAH!! 2008/12/1 11:06
Thank you for being concerned :D
But,I'm not anorexic haha,I just excercise an hour and 30 minutes each day (I like to jog,yoga,tae-bo,walk)
by Alexandra rate this post as useful

Oh, 2008/12/1 11:09
Did I mention I'm 14 years old?

Anyways,I highly doubt a japanese person will look at you and think your fat umm...(Forgot name of person who started forum)
So,dont worry! Your healthy be happy :D
by Alexandra rate this post as useful

Weight 2008/12/3 01:48
You know, at 5'5", 100 lbs, you're actually underweight. 136 is the average healthy weight for your height. Body type may affect the actual number, but it certainly won't be that low.
by Leia rate this post as useful

;-) 2008/12/3 08:37
Alexandra, you seem fine and at a healthy slim weight. Uco and I were referring more to the original poster Jenny, who was already very underweight when she first posted and seemed to have a bit of a fixation on how much Japanese girls weigh.
by Sira rate this post as useful

be careful! 2008/12/5 00:17

Its never a good thing to be obsessed with your weight. I've always been slender but In high school became obsessed and starved myself every day. at my worst i was 5ft 6in and only 100 pounds.

When i finnaly got better and started eating a healthy amount of food again (three small to medium sized meals a day all very healthy) I gained weight very quickly. I've gotten it under control in recent years but my metabolism never recovered from the damage of anarexia. I'm slender again now but i had to work really hard with a healthy diet and lots of exercise to do it. My metabolism is very slow and i still put on weight very easily. This is a product of anarexia.

so long story short if your concerned with putting on weight in the future then dont do anything to harm your body now. treat your body right and it will reward you. always eat enough and be happy with who you are.

as far as japanese weight goes yeah japanese girls are often very small. It seems like they are very very skinny but they are just built that way. If you go to the onsen you will see the same body imperfections in them that we have ourselves. Don't bother with comparing yourself with them! I'm now about 130 pounds i think i look fine and i have not had any problems in Japan with finding clothes that fit or being considered attractive by Japanese people.

so don't worry. enjoy japan. and love yourself!
by sakuraneko rate this post as useful

Oh!! 2008/12/6 10:29
Thanks Sira!!!


Yes,I agree,my cousin is 5'6' and she weighs 130 and looks beautiful.
According to the weight chart i was looking at,you (the original poster) are 30 pounds underweight.
The average japanese girl is 5'2' and weighs 110 pounds.Its is my understanding thats its equivalent to being 5'6' and weighing 130 pounds. (add 5 pounds for every inch) so I think 130 is good for you. (you are 5'6' right?)
by Alexander (A.K.A.)Kwaii Tenshi rate this post as useful

hgbh 2008/12/6 10:31
Excuse me,I was incorrect
Your 5'5' so a good weight for you would be 125 pounds.

I think you will be okay,because the average Jguy is 5'7'

dont worry,enjoy yourself,jguys like taller girls :D
by Kwaii Tenshi rate this post as useful

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