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Duo Music Exchange 2008/6/27 19:36
I'm going to Tokyo next month to see a show at Duo Music Exchange / Shibuya.
I couldn't find a seating plan or even some helpful pictures of the interior.
There's no seating plan on their website, just a blueprint of the venue, which doesn't help much with the seating arrangements.
Does anybody know where to find a seating plan or can give some information on this?
Many thanks!
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. 2008/6/30 04:12
According to the layout, there are no seats except some VIP seats.

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Seating 2008/6/30 04:43
Yeah, I've seen the layout, but for some shows seats will be set up. I have a ticket with a seat number, there were limited reserved seats on sale and there are further tickets on sale with ''free seating'' option.
So I thought there would be a seating plan for those events available somewhere, or somebody would know how the seats are set up.
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. 2008/6/30 06:28
Then probably temporary seats will be set up, I guess.

Most facilities like Duo Music Exchange (called "Live Houses" in Japan) do not usually have fixed seats on the ground floor.
The layout of temporary seats is not shown either because it varies from show to show.
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