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Japanese WWII guns and rifles 2004/5/6 17:51
Hello all.

I am trying to find which rifles and SMGs was being used by japanese army during WWII.
Strangely, it seems that whole web does not contain any information about such weapon (or I simply can't find it). For me, it seems that no one knows of other japanese weapons than swords of all kind %(

If someone can direct me to good japanese historical site dedicated to WWII or recommend other source of information, I would be very very grateful.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Denis.
by donner  

. 2004/5/6 21:31
Japan lost the War. Naturally no soldiers were entitled to carry the weapons, on the way back home. Besides, many sufferd from emergency situations. (some army swords stayed at home(in the house), that is why we find them still now. You can try Yahoo jp. Type n-kosen. Japanese. On the catalog, I saw a 38-type rifle (not possible sto fire, so no need permit.
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. 2004/5/6 22:23
Following site contains a lot of info and pictures about weapons of JP imperial army, but it is written in Japanese except some weapon names.

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xxxNxxxThank you! 2004/5/7 19:45
Thank you friends.
This link is especially very good:

Sadly I can't read japanese, but pictures are impressive.
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webiste for rifles and pistols 2004/11/14 03:55
Try this site in English for japanese rifles and pistols and other links

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arisaka rifles 2007/9/8 08:56
your question was posted a long time ago, but i wanted to respond any way, the rifle of choice was the arisaka type 99, 7.7 caliber . just type in arisaka and you will get more info than you need.
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Links to Japanese Weapons and Militaria 2007/11/10 11:41
Some information and links to other sites, as well as a q&a forum can be found at http://www.castle-thunder.com
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Small Arms of WWII 2007/11/22 01:54
This page got a couple of them.

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Small Arms Illustrated 2008/1/18 11:59
Great info, thanks!
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Japanese WW2 guns and rifles. 2009/4/22 16:15
I wouldn't know of any specific websites on Japanese WW2 guns. Wikipedia has a few articles on the subject; but if you really want to know about Japanese small arms, I would suggest looking up the Japanese guns of WW2 episode of History Channel's "Tales of the Gun" series. It gets uploaded to Youtube or shown on the History Channel from time to time. Or you could simply go to the History Channel website and order it on DVD. Hope this helps you in your search.

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