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Oshare Kei 2008/6/28 19:25
I am a huge fan of jrock and find myself migrating more towards oshare kei than any of the other genres. I was just wondering who else is interested in Oshare kei and what bands you like? Recommend any oshare kei bands?
by Cheryl Lynn  

Oshare 2008/6/29 11:55
Well I'm not sure if you have already heard of them, but Antic Cafe is like the most popular oshare band out there.

There are other bands, Ayabie, SuG and panic channel, LM.C are ones I can name off of the top of my head.

I've found there is a fine line between oshare and regular visual though so I am not sure if all of my assumptions are correct ^^

basing the fact that Oshare is generally a term for happier sounding music, I could throw a bit of Kra into the sugestion as well. However recently they have drifted away from the visual scene ive noticed

check out this article! http://wiki.theppn.org/Oshare_kei
I'm sure it will help you a lot :D good luck~
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=D 2008/6/29 18:06
I am a HUGELY obsessive fan when it comes to An Cafe. XD They're my all time favourite. :P

I like ayabie as well. Clavier is one of my favourites, they're disbanded now, but they're very very good. ^^

Techincally, you could call oshare visual as well and nobody would really give a hoot, but in contrast, I believe the bands classified as Oshare are generally more entertaining. Mostly because the use of synths and keyboards in a number of Oshare bands... I think I have a keyboard fetish or something. XD

Kra sounds Oshare, but they don't really look it, I don't think. They're moving away from it? = I don't think I've heard much of their new stuff. Hmmm...

Are you a fan of SuG? I thought their new CD fell short. It just wasn't as good as previous efforts, in my opinion.

THANKS! I'll check it out. =]
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Oshare Kei adicted 2008/8/10 00:57
Finally someone who also love ANTIC CAFE!!!!!!!!!
I saw them at their Nyappy go around the world tour in Germany!! (SUGOIII)
I still miss Bou. But even Love the "new" Antic Cafe.

BYe Nyappy from a german
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oshare kawaii 2008/8/19 18:42
i like oshare!hontouni suki desu.
Zoro,v(neu),an cafe,brq is love *hearts*
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