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Different styles of dance music 2008/6/29 05:17
I am going to japan at the end of september.I will be staying there for one year.I really like my music, i go out most weekends raves/nightclubs whatever you want to call them.My question is are there clubs which would play any of the following(ive been searching google etc but no luck so far)Breakeat,Dubstep,Minimal,Or just some some dark techy House :P.But if there any decent raves that that you have been to and are worth reaching please let me know.
by DannyL  

Clubs 2008/6/30 11:30
There are plenty of clubs in japan if you look. Check out www.residentadvisor.net for all clubs in all parts of japan including links to websites. Japan has a huge Techno scene, other styles are still available but you need to find them.
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Thanks 2008/6/30 16:27
Cheers mate.
Here is the link to the japanenese events(if anyone else had trouble finding it) http://www.residentadvisor.net/event-detail.aspx?id=50125.I still cant decide wheather i should take my gear and vinyl over, i would love to play over there, if i could get a warmup spot set going in WOMB! oh yes!.But its not very practical is it, i might just buy an i-pod instead, oh well.
Keep those clubs/clubbing experiences over there coming in.
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Osaka 2008/6/30 22:06
check it
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