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Kyoto University. 2008/6/30 08:31
I was wondering if Kyoto University is a good school. I plan on attending in 2009 or 2010 to study undergraduate education mathematics. Unfortunately, I have had some difficulty finding any information about it, so here I am. Thanks in advance.
by FlippyBP  

. 2008/6/30 14:30
It's one of the most prestigious universities in Japan.
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Nobel prize winners 2008/7/1 00:18
There have been nine Nobel prize winners of scientific department in Japan, five of whom graduated Kyoto University.

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Information? 2008/7/1 10:16
Does anyone have any information on it. I have had trouble finding some. I've been to their website, and it's been under construction on some key parts for a little while now.
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admissions 2008/7/1 12:43
This page has got all of the information you need as well as some information on an upcoming open house.

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