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buying yukata 2008/7/1 06:19
couple of questions on buying yukata..

do many stores allow you to try on a yukata (with obi etc)- with assistance mind you (never tried on a yukata before) ?

also, do places often sell sets, with yukata,obi,etc, or are they usually sold seperately ?
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trying yukata 2008/7/20 00:43

I've walked into a store before, telling shop owners that I spoke a bit of Japanese. I picked out what I wanted, and I used gestures to get across if I could see how it would look on me along with pointing at the mirror, and they unpackaged everything (yukata, obi, had some obi belts already) and they put it on me and we saw how it looked.

Many department stores will sell sets with the yukata and obi, and occasionally even with geta (sandals), but often it's better to buy them separately because you can find stores that will sell them at bargain prices-- or so that you can choose what obi you want with your yukata, that can also be at a fixed price. :)
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Yukata 2008/8/13 01:47

Can anyone tell me where can I buy a cheap Yukata in Tokyo (will be in Ueno area in 20 - 21 Sep 08). Thank you.
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yukata 2008/8/13 05:01
Try Asakusa, both the pedestrian streets (with a roof)a few blocks--towards Ueno--away from Sensoji temple and also the pedestrian street (Nakamise)leading to that temple. You could also try Ameyokocho,in Ueno, under the JR tracks going towards Akihabara.
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Buy 2008/8/13 10:34
Buy a yukata at Uniclo! They're of good quality, cheap, and they actually look quite nice.
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Where.. 2008/8/13 15:07
Thanks, Monkey See and Choushimaru.

May i know where is this Uniclo? Is this a shop of a place? Please enlighten. Thanks.
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Uniqlo 2008/8/14 12:04
Uniqlo is a nationwide store. You can find one near any major station in Tokyo.



Uniqlo is great for finding a cheap, but decent quality yukata, but-- their patterns are limited. If you don't mind seeing other people in your same yukata, then I'd go for it. If not, you might want to go to Department Stores (but the prices more than double!).
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Thanks.. 2008/8/15 11:14
Thanks, EkO. But i can't read as all in Japanese. Anyway. will shop around Asakusa/Ueno area.
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Hi Rosa, Try Ginza - Yurakucho? 2008/8/15 23:37
I don't know of a Uniqlo in Ueno or Asakusa, but I do know there is a LARGE one near Ginza. Actually, it's closer to Yurakucho station.

Other stations with Uniqlo are Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. I think I saw one near Tokyo station, but I can't remember.

If you want to go to the Yurakucho one, this forum link might help:


If you prefer to do your shopping in Ueno, I heard that Ameyoko Market (a huge street full of clothing vendors, like Takeshita-dori in Harajuku) has tons of clothes shop. You might want to give it a try. :D

Also, there should be MANY traditional wear vendors near Sensoji temple in Asakusa. That sounds more interesting than a Uniqlo yukata. ^_^;

Good luck! Enjoy your Yukata!
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Buying Yukata 2009/7/5 15:13
Re: "do many stores allow you to try on a yukata (with obi etc)- with assistance mind you (never tried on a yukata before)?"

Yes, typically they will at least drape you in it. If you make a purchase, and they are really nice, they will show you how to tie the obi.

Re: "also, do places often sell sets, with yukata,obi,etc, or are they usually sold seperately?"

Quite often sets are available, especially recently.

See also: "Where to buy a cheap, inexpensive yukata" at

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Also recommend Asakusa 2009/7/11 17:35
I brought several yukata in Asakusa where sensoji temple is. There's a guy who speaks really, really good English at one of the places and he helped me put on a yukata. It's not an expensive one (I remember it being really cheap but I don't remember the price!) but I like it.
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Asakusa a good choice 2009/7/13 04:27
I bought my yukata in Nakamise-dori in Asakusa. Very helpful staff wherever I went, and the prices were low.

And yes, there is a Uniqlo in Asakusa, in a department store right above the metro station (Matsuya).
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ok 2009/7/15 07:24
whats the average price for a yukata?
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depends 2009/7/15 09:32
It depends on where you buy it, the style and type, etc.

I've only shopped for men's yukata and have seen them as cheap as 3000 yen on sale at uniqlo, but I'd say an average price is more like 10000+ yen for a department store set which would include an obi and geta.

I'm not too familiar with shopping for women's yukata, but uniqlo has them on sale for about 4000 yen right now (including a simple obi):


Women seem to have way more selection then men too and I bet the prices vary as much as the selection. Perhaps someone who has shopped for women's yukata can offer more insight.
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womens yukata 2009/7/17 13:28
I bought a yukata recently, at a department store, and it only cost me 7000 yen, in a set with pre-tied obi (much more practical, now I can put the yukata on in 10 minutes) and geta. But foreigners feet are sometimes too big for geta, me and my friends too have big feet :( so if you buy a set like that, make sure to check the size!
And dont forget to separately buy koshi-himo, if you want to wear the yukata as it is supposed to be worn and looking authentic :) because it is usually not included with the yukata.
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Uniqlo selling Yukata? 2009/7/19 12:42
Does anyone know which Uniqlo stores actually sell the Yukata's for men? As I went to the Shinjuku store and they do not sell them there..

Thank you
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... 2009/7/19 14:04

Even UNIQLO's online store does not (yet?) carry men's yukata this year, though different designs for women are already available. You might have to wait for a while...
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Try Shimazakura.com 2009/7/20 22:51
Found this awesome online shop selling a wide range of yukata, kimono, etc. Lots of tips given on the website as well! Most importantly, prices are affordable!!

Check it out here:
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