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Renting a cellphone without creditcard? 2008/7/2 00:08
This summer I'll be in Japan for a month and this time I will need a cell phone.

I know you usually need a credit card to rent a cell phone, but is there any company that will let you rent one without credit card? Last year a girl I met said she rented one without credit card, but I don't know where and I cannot contact her anymore.
I'm looking for a cell phone with domestic service. I don't have to make international calls.

There is a possiblity for me to bring my father's credit card with me to Japan (with his consent, obviously), but would I be able to use that at all? Since it's not mine...

Thank you!
by Chenka  

get second card on dad's account? 2008/7/2 18:46
I think the cellphone hire agencies usually check that the name on the credit card matches your passport and so on. But if your father is willing to let you use his card, couldn't he apply for a second card in your name on his account? Most credit card companies do this, I think - I used to have one on my mother's account - though the second user usually has to be at least 18 years old. It could be useful as an emergency back-up while you are travelling, not just for the cellphone.
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... 2008/7/2 18:49
Unfortunately I'm leaving tomorrow morning, very eary. So there's no time to get a second credit card. But thanks for the tip anyway, it might be useful for the future ^^
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solved 2008/7/2 20:24
I got it solved. I decided to rent it through rentafonejapan.com , used my father's credit card and I think it will be fine now!
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