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Gifts to give when someone is sick 2008/7/2 05:10
I've search the archives and I see a lot of questions about weddings, funerals, births, etc, but nothing about gift giving when someone is sick.

I just learned from one of my close friends that his mom has become very ill and they're operating on her tomorrow (investigative surgery to try to see what's wrong) I'm very close to him and his mom, and would like to show my concern. I would like to send them a gift or something to show my condolences and best wishes, but I'm sure what is considered proper. The one thing I did find on her was not sending a plant, but other than that I'm sorta clueless. Can anyone offer me some advice? Thanks.
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... 2008/7/2 13:20
When my aunt was hospitalized for a broken bone, I brought some books and cut flower arranged in a basket. (Arranged flower is better than a bouquet as it is easy to care) When picking flower, it is better not to include ones with strong smell (ex. lilly) because they may offend other patients and chrysanthemum because it is often used to funeral. Some even say that camellia or hydrangea should not be given for sick people. If you're not sure, tell the staff at a flower shop that it is a get-well-soon gift and they'll pick up appropriate flowers.
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no rooted plants 2008/7/2 23:09
As mentioned, plants are perfectly fine and common. But be sure you don't send rooted plants such as plants in a pot with soil. It will imply that the patient may "root" to the hospital for a long time.

But usually, hospital gifts are not "sent". They are "brought" to the bed. Perhaps it's just better to send a lovely card if you can't go there yourself.
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Thank you 2008/7/2 23:27
Thank you both for your answer. She is the hospital today to remove the lump they found and see what it is.

I will be seeing them in the middle of August, but I'm assuming that would be too late to present them with a get well gift. Besides strong smelling flowers, is there any flower I should avoid that may have negative connotations?

Thank you all for your help.
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