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Meaningful Baby Gift 2008/7/3 01:02
Please help me to select a meaningful gift for a newborn that is not money. I would like to give something that has meaning in the Japanese cultural tradition...health, happiness etc. Please reply asap.
Many thanks.
by Dorian  

... 2008/7/3 14:07
So far the gifts I've given to my friends with newborn babies have always been baby clothing - their relatives would have given them other clothing as well, so I always make it a habit to ask the friend what they might still be missing :) They might also ask for something different, such as decorative photo frames.
I don't think there is any "traditional" baby gifts with cultural significance... if any, the family and the relatives together take the baby to a temple/shrine to wish for the baby's well-being, and they would get some lucky charm on their own on that occasion. That is not really something that you would give as a friend.
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life with a new born is so hectic 2008/7/3 16:09
Are there any reasons you seek "traditional" gifts (if any)? You will probbly get better advise if you can explain your situation. Because as far as I know, Japanese mothers appreciate practical gifts and gifts that are unique to the sender's culture.
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Thank you both 2008/7/4 12:56
I very much appreciate your responses. A baby is such a precious gift that I wanted to show respect for the culture while giving my "blessing" and hopes for a bright future to this tiny baby. I wanted to give a spiritual gift as a token of my love for her. Your suggestions and explanation were most helpful. Thank you
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