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Where can I buy Belgian Beer in Tokyo? 2008/7/4 10:05
I am looking for a place to buy many different types of beer. Mainly Belgian beers (Frambois to be exact). Can anyone help me? I living near Yokohama and will go to Tokyo to find it if I have to!
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Beer 2008/7/4 10:50
Well it's not the beer you mentioned but I somehow found Stella Artois on tap at a British pub in Roppongi. I hope I'm wrong but I haven't been able to find it anywhere else yet.
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Thanks 2008/7/4 13:01
You can find Stella at a lot of places. Its good beer. Check out the Irish Pubs. There are many in Tokyo and the surrounding areas. I am looking for more of a store that many different types of beer can be purchased. Thanks to anyone that can help!
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akasaka 2008/7/5 14:42
I know that in Akasaka shopping mall, near the tv building, there is a pub/restaurant who sells different beers such as delirium...I do not know if it is from belgium but...
Also in Tokyo dome supermarket, there is a space for international beers and food,u should try
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Nissin World 2008/7/6 17:23
There's a supermarket in Tokyo, on the street between Shiba Koen and Azabu Juban Stn., called Nissin World. It stocks beers from everywhere, including Russia, Austria, Italy, even Alaska. I'm sure you could find some Belgian beer there.

But since you're in Yokohama, I think you should try searching the World Porter shopping mall next to Minato Mirai first.
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The Best Beer Store in Tokyo 2008/7/7 03:50
You should start your search at Tanakaya in Mejiro. This has probably the biggest selection of world beers, including what has to be the best selection of US craft beers outside the USA, you might even find a US rasberry beer here.

Osakaya in Shinjuku must have a Belgian Framboise within its Belgian beer range.

Addresses for these locations can be found here:


Several bars in the Tokyo area have Framoise on tap, you can find out where on this page:


The site also covers Yokohama, but no bars in that area are carrying it at the moment.

You can keep up with beer news in the Tokyo area here:


I would suggest steering clear of mass produced international mega brands like Stella and trying the smaller craft brewers.

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bar or home? 2008/7/7 06:22
Are you looking to drink in a bar or buy beer to take home? The Brussels chain of Belgian beer bars has several branches in Tokyo, and they would be a good place to start (try google for branch details). Or for beer to take home, try Yamaya liquor stores - they have a wide range, though it varies from branch to branch and day to day, depending on the latest shipments. Plenty of upmarket supermarkets also stock bottled European beer - try branches of Seijo Ishii, Queens Isetan or Meidi-ya.
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A few other places to find booze 2008/11/6 15:58
I agree with RobBeer.
Tanakaya is the best place to buy booze. Great range and all kept at a good temperature. Mejiro station (one stop from Ikebukero), left at exit and about 100m on left side, next to McDonalds. While you're in the area, try the Ikebukero Tobu department store booze selection. Contains many well known brands plus some Japanese microbrews.
In Shibuya, there is an alcohol store close to Tokyu Hands. can't rememebr the name now but it's possibly the cehapest around. Also Tokyu department store in Shibuya has a nice small selection, all refridgerated.
Azabujuban has the Nissin store which has a nice selection of beers and wines.
Shinjuku has Isetan department store plus a few other booze shops. In Tokyo/Kawasaki/Yokohama area, there is Sugaya. It's about a 2km walk from Kajigaya station (Denentoshi). Has a nice selection (good Belgian selection) and not bad prices. Well worth a visit.
Yokohama has World Porters and also Seijuishi under Yokohama Station.
There are one or two new Belgian style pubs that have opened up in Yokohama recently. Ineed to get more info. At the moment, I don't put many Belgian bars on the boozelist blog. I may change that and add a few, as many people seem to favor that style of beer.
There should be enough info on these comments to get you going.
Good hunting!
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Belgians 2009/10/19 22:03
Look up Bois Cereste in Akasaka. A bit pricey, but he has things you just won't find anywhere else. Regarded by many as the best beer bar in Asia.
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Belgian Beers Delivered AT Tokyo 2009/11/12 03:55
I have noted that the members of http://shop.belgianshop.com make deliveries in Tokyo.
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Belgian Beer Cafe 2009/11/12 07:12
One is near Tokyo Station.

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Beershop 2010/2/21 23:15
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BelgianShop is for me the reference 2010/5/31 21:33

Have you already visited www.belgianshop.com .

A lot of friends have already received orders from them with high satisfaction.


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