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Can black people get this perm? 2008/7/5 04:30
i was wondering can black people get this perm??? because im black and korean but i have black hair and i was wondering with all the perms i have gotten in the past will this mess up my hair??? my mom says it will but can you help prove it wont please????!!!!! thank u alexis
by alexis  

j-perm is not good for black hair 2008/7/15 13:56
are you talking about the japanese straight perm? if you are then unfortunately, your mom is correct. if your hair is very very curly or has a twisted curl or spiral curl pattern its not recommended to get this perm. and if your hair has been chemically relaxed/permed already then its definitely not recommended to get teh japanese straight perm on top of it. the chemicals in relaxers and the japanese perm don't mix!! your hair will break off!

but if your hair is medium curly/wavey and there's no previous relaxer in it, then you should be ok. here's a link to a TR/japanese straight perm expert. please look through and read the info on his site; it will answer all your questions and you can even ask him personally and he'll respond!


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