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where to buy camera in Kyoto or Osaka? 2008/7/14 00:34
As my trip begins in Kyoto, I would like to buy a camera there, but I have no idea where. Otherwise, I can also do it in Osaka (Den-Den maybe?), where I am going next. What is the best option? Can anyone help in in this?
by marta  

3 stores to buy a camera at 2008/7/14 20:12
There is a Bic Camera in Kyoto next to JR Kyoto Station. They may be your best place in Kyoto. In Osaka, they have a Yodobashi Camera in Umeda with good prices. In Den Den town, there is Joshin. I have seen older cameras at Joshin for less if you don't mind last years model.
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thanks! 2008/7/14 20:26
thanks a lot for your advise. Do you think I'll get better prices in Osaka, or I might as well buy it in Bic Camera?
I'm getting really tempted by your tip on cheaper older models, anyway...
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ahhh! 2008/7/14 23:20
don't buy a camera at bic camera unless you have someone japanese there with you to help pricematch. bic camera's prices are too high - retail. you can get a very good price on a camera from kakaku.com

also remember if you buy a camera like a nikon or canon in japan, the warranty will probably be void in your home country.
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. 2008/7/15 03:14
You didn't state where you live. If you are from the USA you will get a better price there and will be covered by the warranty.

Also, if you wait to buy your camera in Osaka, you will not be able to take photos of Kyoto visit.
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... 2008/7/15 05:03
I live in Portugal... I think it will be cheaper in Japan, but the waranty issue does bother me.
Anyway, I tried to go to Kakau to compare prices like sugested, but I don't think I found the correct site. Can anyone please tell me about the correct adress?
And yes, that's why I wanted to buy it in Kyoto! But if the prices are much higher I think I'll have to let go Kyoto's pictures.
thanks a lot for all the advise
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cameras 2008/7/15 05:36
Osaka is only 40 minutes by train from Kyoto. Both Hankyu railway and JR railway go to Osaka-Umeda where Yodobashi cameras is located (across the street from both Hankyu and JR stations). It would be worth zipping to Osaka from Kyoto the first day in time for 10 am when doors open or in the evening of your arrival(they open until 9 or 10 at night). Yodobashi has English speaking staff. ONE BIG PROBLEM, besides the warranty, is that new digital cameras have to be set up and their menu can be complicated, unless you buy one around for at least $ 300 -400 with a basic beginner program that takes decent photos. then you can learn about all the parameters to set up.
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. 2008/7/15 06:21
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CANON KISS 2X 2008/8/8 19:08
I'm from Portugal as well :)

I was looking to buy a camera in Kyoto.
Can anyone let me know how much aprox is a Canon Kiss X2 kit with lenses 18-55 !?
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where to buy camera in Kyoto or Osaka? 2008/8/9 12:35
Marta & Luiz, I'm from Portugal too. Last year I have been to Japan. At first I wanted to buy Digital Camara there. In Tokyo the place is Akihabara(electronic City). But I realized is more cheaper through www.amazon.co.uk because I live in London. In Japan seem to be more expensive because is made in Japan. Oversea product but same quality made in China is more cheap. Anyway because you guys live in Portugal it's maybe cheaper there than Portugal. Enfoy and take as many pic's you can. I took more than 600 in 10 days trip. Good luck. Sayoonara
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Buy Camera 2008/8/10 09:22
Well I travel a lot to Japan
and at "Big Camera" I never had troulbe language wise.
As for price... in any country
you need top shop around and find for u the best price or what u willing to pay for any item.

Besits "Big Camera" are everywhere and collect pointo get something additional too...
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PriceJapan 2008/8/18 15:13
Check out pricejapan.com - they have a few of the latest model cameras on offer and can deliver to your hotel while in Japan. They will charge a minimum US$30 fee though.

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