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Bleach! 2008/7/15 03:23
Recently I've been watching Bleach, and I noticed that lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi wears a 69 on his face. I was wondering if that has any significants in the Japanese culture?
by Laura  

Punk rock... 2008/7/15 15:50
I tell you only my opinion because I don't know this comic. Sometimes 69 is used among rock music culture significantly. But in most case it's no meaning.
And this number doesn't have any special meaning in Japanese culture.
IOW, only for look.
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69 2008/7/16 07:09
This is merely a guess, because I know of no particular significance. Perhaps it's because of the look of the numbers? Despite the meaning we (In the US, anyway) have applied to it, those two numbers could look an awful lot like an (pardon the pun) number of things. Pisces, for example. or koi.

Again, this is based purely on my own moment or two of thought. It's probably wrong. I only know that when we were using the "ko" and "i" hiragana in class, our teacher turned them into fish so we could remember them. Several students commented that they looked like 69. (And laughed, because even college students aren't always mature.)
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D: 2008/7/16 07:10
Ignore all the typos in that post. I've got a raging headache.
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pun 2008/7/17 00:11
Being curious I did a search. It seems that the meaning of his tattoo of "69" was revealed in the episode aired on May 12th. Spoilers ahead;

The internet tells me that it turns out that it was a pun meaning "muku" which means "innocent (and pure)" in Japanese. The number 6 can be read as "mu", and 9 can be read as "ku", hence the pun.

The real joke about this tattoo is that when the Japanese, err Japanese adults, see the number "69" the first thing that comes to mind is the sexual physique called "six-nine". Imagine each number represents a person lying sideways, in case you don't know.

In internet forums, fans seemed be have had an anxious week before May 12 and is now relieved to know that the tattoo meant nothing nasty, but quite the contrary.
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The reason for that is 2008/7/28 14:21
to show the district where he came from. 69 is the district in the Soul Society where he came from. He honored the district he came from by having it tattooed on his face.

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I read about this, 2008/7/28 22:09
He puts the 69 on in honor of the guy who saved him.
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69 2009/3/10 09:43
The 69 on his face is a personal tribute to Kensei Muguruma, who had a 69 on his chest
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... 2009/3/10 13:08
Well, that's 4 different reasons so far...
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