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Japanese girls and the Smiley emoticon 2008/7/15 12:00
How do I start this.....I have a few japanese girl acquantances on my messenger, and sometimes I have the opportunity to talk with them...three of them I talk the most to.

The thing about it is one or two of them during our conversations will use the Smiley emoticon(like this...:)...). It's hard to know if someone is smiling while chatting on messengers so I wonder if they are just smiling or something else.

Could it be just their personality or are they just in a good mood/warm-hearted folk(I am using to term folk here loosely)?
by Brian  

emoji 2008/7/15 14:31
Emoticons (called emoji in Japanese) are used very liberally in emails and texts in Japan, especially by young people- basically anything that is cute is liked by Japanese girls. What is it that worries you about these girls using the smileys- do they use them in odd places?
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eh!? 2008/7/15 14:49
i think you're making much ado about nothing. some people use them a lot, some people don't. if they use them a lot just chalk it up to habit.
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smile and the whole world will... 2008/7/15 16:56
How old are you Brian? looking at your various posts you sound very young and naive. This is a nice thing mind you! better sound young that jaded :)
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Interesting 2008/7/15 18:55
Yeah I have made a few posts haven't I, but if that makes me sound "young and naive" then I take no offense to it.

Well, they don't use them in odd places, but if it's just them liking emoticons, I can live with that.
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