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Izakayas and non-japanese speaking 2008/7/18 01:29
Finding it hard to approach izakayas as a non-japanese speaking. Is it common for izakayas to have english menus? How to find one that has?

How about non-alcohol drinks? Are there any available? Looking for places near Nagoya. All tips are welcome.
by youk  

... 2008/7/18 10:46
most izakaya's have computer menus where you can select by looking at pictures.

if you go to one without a computer menu it might become more difficult but still most izakaya have picture menus.

i wouldn't worry about it too much. as for non alcoholic drinks there are some available. for that you really should learn how to read and write katakana and hiragana, as most beverages will be spelled on the menu in katakana.
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Izakayas 2008/7/18 10:53

Some of the larger chains have bilingual or separate English menus. Even without English, the menus are usually illustrated with photos - which is maybe what the person above meant by "computer menus".
The chains have a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks, in smaller places.
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Some Do Have English Menus 2008/7/18 11:02
My Japanese friend has taken me to a few Izakayas in Tokyo when I visit and they have had English menus.
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computer menus 2008/7/18 13:44
by computer menus i mean computerized menus. they're touchscreen computers with the menu on them and everything is done electronically. there is an izakaya with these right by the taxi pick up area at the marunouchi exit of shinjuku station. i believe it's on the 6th floor.
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English Izakaya guide 2009/8/22 07:03
here is my new guide to Tokyo' Izakaya: www.izakayasanpo.com
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drinks 2009/8/22 10:04
As for non-alcohol drinks, all you have to do is to ask, "Non-aru-koru?" and the waiter will probably give you a choice between "Cola" "juice" and "Oolong tea" to say the least.

Also, a lot of izakayas have wax figures of food desplayed at the window, or have real food in bowls placed on the bar counter, then all you need to do is to point.
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... 2009/8/24 08:01
I think you should avoid smaller, older izakayas where everything is written in kanji, even prices. Go to the modern chain izakayas referred to above.
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. 2009/8/24 23:33
Learn a few Japanese words for some food and drinks. I found a small place in Osaka and once I started going like a regular they made me very welcome like a special guest since I was their only gaijin customer. I miss that place.
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