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Keihin, Japan 2008/7/19 03:43
My wife is headed over to work at the Tomari Nuclear Plant. They are staying at a resort in Keihin. Doing a search and cannot locate on Google Earth. Any help would be appreciated.
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... 2008/7/19 19:21
Keihin most commonly refers to the greater area around Tokyo and Yokohama

l = Keihin

from (Tokyo)
l from l (Yokohama)
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Tomari 2008/7/19 20:34
Wikipedia tells me that the power plant is located in located in Furuu District, Shiribeshi sub-prefecture, Hokkaidō (the northernmost island in Japan).

As above, I'm not sure how Keihin comes into it since that is the Tokyo-Kawasaki-Yokohama region. I couldn't find references to an area called Keihin anywhere else in Japan.
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