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What can Johnny's idols do? 2008/7/19 11:20
Hi, I understand that Johnny's idols are not, in general, allowed to date whomever they want. But what about other everyday stuff like making new friends, going shopping, hanging out wherever they want to? Are they allowed to do that? Or are they usually too busy to even do that?
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Johnnys infos 2008/7/20 00:48
Of course they are allowed!!
They are still human lol
Yamapi lives in the same building as Jin and they are best friends so they meet a lot...
Also I often meet Jin in a club in Tokyo,in VIP room ok but still...
After it is true that they probably will not go in harajuku or shibuya on saturday night in the middle of the street!!
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. 2008/7/21 15:05
Yea, they are allowed to date and have a personal love life. They're just not allowed to tell the media whom their dating since their fans will not like it. So the have to keep their relationships out of the public eye.
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