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Okkusenman in Karaoke 2008/7/21 20:59
Hello everyone!

It might sound like a strange question, but i've been looking for the song "Omoide ha Okkusenman" (also called "Okkusenman") for a while in every Karaoke I went to in Kyoto, and I haven't found it yet. Same goes for "Koitsu ha honto ni kyouroku suru ki ga aru no ka?".
By the way, both are Rockman (Mega Man) songs.

So, did someone ever find them in a Karaoke?
If yes, can you tell me where, what was the exact name (in case it would be different there), and if they're really rare songs.
I'm looking for Karaoke in Kyôto, Oosaka and Tôkyô by the way.

Thanks :)
by Rokkun  

. 2008/7/22 23:05
They are unofficial lyrics to the Rockman soundtrack, so unlikely to be available in karaoke.
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