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How do Japanese greet guests? 2008/7/21 23:16
How do Japanese greet guests?

I know at least some americans usually after greeting each other welcome the guest to a seat in the living room and such, but I was wondering what Japanese usually do when guests arrive. I think there is some bowing involved(at least that what I usually on TV) but I don't know much else.
by Brian  

Guests 2008/7/22 08:33

You need to be more specific about the situation. If you are an invited guest, then the situation would be much the same, but if you are not invited, then conversations would be completed at the entrance.
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Hmm 2008/7/22 10:15
I guess my confusing questions are just always going to be there, but if it's more or less the same as America then that's an okay answer.
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Be yourself 2008/7/22 10:17
Don't worry about the bowing, you won't be expected to do it, and there are subtleties like the angle of the bow that you won't be familiar with, so better just to give it a miss. Act polite and natural and your guests will be perfectly happy.
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. 2008/7/22 13:46
The Japanese typically bow while Americans typically shake hands. That's all. You might be asked to take off your shoes depending on the places you are visiting. The host(ess) will lead the rest.
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