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Fireworks, private display 2008/7/22 12:46
I watched a program on Japanese TV last night about fireworks and one company offer a private display service. however, I didn't write down the website.
Did anyone watch the same program and catch the website or does anyone know any other websites i can check out??
Thanks very much
by jeffers1  

? 2008/7/23 02:01
You don't even remember the chanel or the hour or whether it was night or day? It would be much easier to check a detailed TV guide if you knew these things.
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Oops 2008/7/23 11:17
No, unfortunately i don't remember which channel. It was on around 9 pm on regular TV, not cable. Sorry I can't give more info.
I just wonder if anyone remembers the company offering the fireworks displays.
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. 2008/7/23 12:26
I forgot to ask if it was Tokyo area of not.

Actually I can't find anything like it in the Metropolitan. On July 21st 9:00pm, starting from channel 1 they were broadcasting, news, cooking, history special, fighting match, drama series, the debate program TV Tuckle, and the only other one left is this;

Does it look familiar? If so, why not contact Terebi Tokyo for details. TV stations are supposed to answer questions like those. Otherwise, contact every station you can think of.
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hmm 2008/7/23 13:08
thanks but i checked the link, it wasn't the same show. Just to confuse things more i live in Chiba so it could have been a Chiba channel although i don't think it was. Maybe it was on at 8? Sorry my info is so vague.
I will keep checking the TV pages and see what I can find.
In the meantime if anyone knows any companies that do private firework displays please post.
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update 2008/7/26 06:18
I'd be interested in this also. Any updates?
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