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what's the name of this tv show? 2008/7/22 13:16
I really like this show that comes on channel 8, I believe. Sometimes it comes on in the morning or the weekends. Its about a group of friends and one guy really likes another girl. They went to high school and now college together. The one guy really loves this girl but never gets to tell her before she marries another guy, so a ghost or genie guy has the power to pause time and send this guy back so he can change the future. There's always a bright light and then "Hallelujah" singing as he is sent back to fix the past. But it rarely works out and in the end they always end up at the girls wedding party, closing with Keisuke Kuwata singing a song. Sorry if this is so vague, but I asked my bf to find out what it is so I can watch it regularly, but he has no idea. Any help out there? Thanks!
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Proposal Daisakusen 2008/7/22 15:04
It sounds like 'Proposal Daisakusen' or 'プロポーズ大作戦'
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