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Reggae Music and Japanese? 2008/7/23 09:13
Is there anywhere like Club Jamaica in Tokyo but in London?

Im curious to know if there is anwyere like Club Jamaica but here in London. By that i mean a place where Japanese go to listen to reggae music. Or maybe just a place many japanese go to listen to reggae and dancehall music?

I am interested in making friends with Japanese who like reggae music because japanese like this are hard to find.

Also has anyone been to Reggae Sai in Yokohama, if so what was it like?
by doriangrey64  

Everywhere 2008/7/27 03:19
Umm? you mean a place wher -onlu- Japanese people go ? if yes, then no there is not such a place in london.

As for clubs and stuff, most clubs that arn't specifically trance etc will play bashment, just look around anywhere in London on a friday/saturday night, they are EVERYWHERE! :D

have fun in london!
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Clubs where japanese mainly attend. 2008/7/27 03:24
thanks for your reply, but i was just interested in a club where mostly japanese people go to listen to bashment and reggae. because i know the chinese have functions for chinese people in london that i go to. but i wanted to know if there were anything similar that the japanese organise and attend.

Anyone Japanese into reggae and dancehall music, if so where do you go to listen to this type of music in london?

but thanks for your help.
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hmm 2008/7/27 06:59
Unfortunatly, I don't think that there are enough Japanese people for there to be specific clubs for them.

I suppose you could try browsing through the various japanese societies that exist in the Uk and see if they know anything.

But really, you should try just going to an ordinary clubs, they will play more up to date music a riddims anyway. :)
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thanks 2008/7/27 07:02
well thanks for your info. but its more about meeting japanese people who like jamaican culture etc than listening to the music in the club. like i saw a few japanese people at UK Cup Clash in April of this year at Stratford Rex. I was there to see Mighty Crown but overall it was a good night.
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np ;) 2008/7/28 06:42
I know quite a few places where you can learn more about jamaican culture and stuff (bein half jamaican - goin there in a couple weeks cant wait!!!!)

but yea, hope you fidn what ya' lookin for :)
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sorry 2008/7/28 06:58
i think you misunderstood what i meant. i am jamaican, so i dont need to learn about jamaican culture lol. like i said before im interested in meeting japanese who like jamaican culture. but thanks tho, seems like you're the only person whos even replying haha.
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oh! 2008/7/28 07:03
oh I see haha! lol

I thought you were japanese looking for other japanese people itnerested in Jamaica lmao - which is why i was slightly confused.

unfortunatly still can't help :(

however, i recently foudn this site:


ain't looked at it much, but there might be some stuff you will be interested in!
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sou desu yo 2008/7/28 08:00
yup my mum showed me this website a lil while ago. didnt really check it out too much though, but thanks for telling me about it. well i guess if i want to find the type of japanese im looking for ill just have to go to japan. its a shame there isnt a place like club jamaica here. =(

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Awsome 2008/8/2 07:49
That place looks awsome, i'll be sure to check it out when I eventually visit Japan ^^
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