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Becoming anime/Manga writer 2004/5/11 19:37
Ok I have just finished my first book,althought I cant Draw I wrote a hell of a story,because its an anime/manga genre its not so important in Europe,only in japan I think,can someone help me please?to find the right studio for my book.
by Gambit  

. 2004/5/12 02:42
You can write to : Mr Aoki, of Toei Animation Institute. e-mail adress is : tai@toei-anim,
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published my manga on Weekly Jump 2004/5/12 08:17
Hi, my name is Jamaal and I want to become a manga artist in the Japan's Weekly Jump, but I don't know how. Can anyone please help me find out. I really want to become a manga artist. Thank you for your time.
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Same as I ! 2004/5/24 19:59
To others a dream like that is impossiable. I wish there was a good first step to get our stuff published. - thinks -. To hard
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hope I can help 2004/5/25 05:44
the best way I can think of, is wait for a competition, and then send it in, that's how alot of good manga artists get published
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Yeah.. 2005/7/5 20:10
Manga and anime competitions dont occuur very reguarly. I'm thirteen and I really want to become a manga artist or anime creator but I'm british so it's really kinda hard. I'm reallt talented at drawing but where can I make my talents realized in a place that it will make a difference?? Argh, so frustrating
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Become a manga-ka in your own country? 2005/7/6 18:58
I work as an illustrator in Sweden and I sometimes get the question from a customer - can you do this in manga-style? Unfortunately I can't, but from this you can tell that there are other ways of becoming a manga-artist, doing illustrations for magazines, books, commercials... In Japan they even have manga in their manuals, so why not here? Just sell it!
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Wanna be a anime/manga writer too 2005/7/13 00:52
I also want to be a anime or manga writer because I writing this great story that I would prefer doing in pictures, but I'm no artist at all. ^^; Plus, I live in Canada, so it's hard to find a competiton to put my story in like toykopop in america. Wow! This sucks!
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How do I become an anime writer? 2007/7/25 02:42
Hello my name is Chris Brown and I love manga and anime especially the action ones like Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho. I have known since I was young that I have wanted to be an anime writer even though my drawing skills are below average I have started writing many anime stories. I have even begun a card game even though it is far from finsihed. I know that I might not have the fame and experince of a professional writer but I have a passion and drive for it. I know that I would rather do nothing than work for adult swim or some other professional company that promotes anime and manga. Most of my work is unfinished but I am pretty confident in my ability and that I could really be one of the best anime writers in the buisness beside the original japanese authors who are obviously ingenius. I think that anime is the best art form of them all with a stunning mix of realism and fantasy that captures peoples minds and hearts. I believe it should be proclaimed one of the greatest things to ever come to televsion. I really hope to become an anime writer. I would appreciate any help you could give me towards schools or companies that participate in this field. Thanks in advace for your help.
Chris Brown
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Work or play? 2007/7/25 08:33

The anime (and manga) industry is about working to tight deadlines, so if you can't finish a job, no one will want to employ you.
If you really do have a passion for this kind of work, I suggest you complete a number of stories and put together a portfolio to show to prospective employers.
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question 2007/7/25 10:40
i was wounder how to becom a voice actress for animes and cartoons??????
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Demand for artists 2007/7/25 15:07
What do you think the supply for amateur manga artists in US? I suddenly have an idea and can start a business/web site on this topic :p. If I start a web site will you be interested in publishing your works?
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being a manga/anime writer 2009/1/3 23:23
i just love manga and anime soo much! i've been really inspired by some of the books i read too. soon enough i started making bunches of stories and i though "hmm...what if i could write a story for a manga or anime?" all my friends say i make really fascinating stories. esp. romance-for young adults..
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It's a start (or an end) 2009/1/5 03:55
here is a good website for if ur old (22+) and have a 4 year degree.

I'm not sure how much it costs to get in, but this is a good place to go into the anime manga business training.

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?! 2009/1/5 07:54
22+ is old? You won't think you're old when you hit 22, I guarantee you. 70 is old.
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To BL ... 2009/1/8 20:14
If its a good-quality website, then sure!
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Read Bakuman 2009/12/10 22:55
Whoever wants to write/draw manga read Bakuman at, it shows all the workings of the manga industry in japan.
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Getting noticed by comic industry 2010/3/30 20:20
You have to print and bind your own manga to do this but you can sell manga at anime conventions, and the more the word spreads around about youre work you make get contacted by a publishing company or you should probably contact one after enough people buy it, another good thing to do is while you are sellin it you can postit as a webcomic
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Any writers want to do a manga? 2010/8/9 02:22
Hey, my name's Mel. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and have been drawing manga style for about 2 years. I also started learning japanese a few months ago, and can write in Hiragana, Katakana and understand a few basic words and grammer. I live in London, and my goal is to become the best mangaka in the world. Thing is, i'm not a very good writer.
I would like to do a manga for Weekly Shonen Jump, after winning a contest or few - so if anyone wants to make a manga with me (I'll draw it) please contact me via email (
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new company 2010/10/11 11:07

you are all exactly what I've been looking for, I'm a new mangaka based in brisbane, looking for anime fans, who want to try and make a difference in the anime world in places other than japan.

I'm looking to get a group together and show off what we can do together even though we're not japanese.

I'm looking for new writers/artists/translators/web designers/fans. everyone.

I have a few stories well into the final stages, just looking for solid artists, if that's you message me back. or if you're just interested in writing you're own story.

email me at:

I'm already waiting for your replies.
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