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Yokohama Bay Hall- Where to buy tickets? 2008/7/24 00:56
I will be traveling to Tokyo from November 7th-17th 2008. I saw that LM.C will be performing at the Yokohama Bay Hall on the 16th, and would like to go. Does anyone have any more info on this? I want to buy tickets but cannot find out how or where or if there is an English site. Thanks :)
by Lisa  

English Site 2008/7/25 06:04
Here is the English site for the facility.

It is complete with schedule. However, the schedule only goes out to September. You will probably have to wait a few months before November's schedule is posted.
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... 2008/7/25 07:31

According to Disk Garage, the ticket sale (to the public) starts on Oct. 11th. I do not know if the artist's fan club would be selling tickets to the fans in advance.
In the above website, Disk Garage's phone number for inquiries is about in the middle of the page (pale pink background section), and ticket sellers information (Pia, Lawson Ticket, and eplus) are in the red box below.
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Thanks! 2008/7/25 08:59
Thanks so much! Both links helped alot, I had the disk garage page translated so now I know I can go to a Lawson store to get them.... hopefully they aren't sold out by Nov 2nd :(
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